Samee/Sonomi Tayag

Crest of Patience
Sonomi Was born into a clan of demon exorcists, and so, she became a priestess herself. At the young age of five she was betrothed to a boy who she loved with all her heart. Three years later, she was forced to fight a demon for the first time. Unfortunately, she lost the battle, and therefore....she lost her life. After this experience, Sonomi began to resent her Digimon Partner, and therefore all other Digimon aswell. She abandoned all idea of the supernatural and refused to do anything the clan wished of her. She was then sent to live with her adoptive parents in Tokyo, where she was given the name Samee and "remade" herself. She became a kind, cheerful and generally friendly girl who eventually became popular at teh school she attended. But despite her best efforts, her true self would be unleashed during times of great anger, and she slowly became less popular. Now, at the age of 14, she is very talented when using the Japanese Longsword, a trait that is taught to her clan's young ones at a very young age. Also, she using prayer beads which, if she concentrates very hard, she can using to control the elements of nature. But this talent is like a doubled edged knife, when she uses her powers she opens herself up to attack, and can easily be possesed if she is not aware of her surroundings. She carries her talismens, which are peices of paper with Kanji Sutras and spells writting on them, with her all the time, which she uses is her demon exorcising tool. She carries The Patience, inwhich she does not fully understand.



Samee's Digimon Parnter is Sunemon, who detests anything girl, and who can drift between the shape of a large fox and a half fox, half human. During her first two stages she is a normal, happy digimon but she knows the truth, that she is a demon and as she digivolves, her heart becomes full of resentment.

Digimon Forms:



In-Training: Kimon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Sunemon

-----Attack: Ring of Fire

Champion: KiSunemon

-----Attack: Fiery Claw, Premonition

Ultimate: ChiKitsunemon

-----Attack: Destiny, Mirror

Mega: Kitsunemon

-----Attack: Any demonic attack