Lindsey 'Lina' Kirigawa

Lindsey/Lina Kirigana

Crest of Kindness

Lindsey is a creative 16 year old girl who lives in Kansas. She is suspected to be one of the original FDDs creators. She is for a fact, one of the first FDD Dragon Digimon creators. Her character Lina, is like her in someways, they're both fairly quite and good artists. They're both very friendly and kind so it works out well that Lina's has The Crest of Kindness.



Lina's Digimon Partner is one of the original FDD Dragon type Digimon, Diratimon!

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Ditomon

In-Training: Dotremon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Diratimon

-----Attack: Electric Wind

Champion: Dracomon

-----Attack: Thunder Clap

Ultimate: MegaDracomon

-----Attack: Thor's Bolt, Thunder Slash

Mega: MetalDracomon

-----Attack: Lightning Blast, Dragon's Wrath