Shelli-Jo Pelletier/Lexxy Ishiodori

Crest of Compassion

Just by looking at her, you can tell Lexxy is not a girly-girl. She's definetely one of those adventerous tomboys. Short skirts and shirts are not her thing. She has somewhat of her own trademark FDD item which is her purple vest. (Hey, who said you needed to be a leader to have a trademark?) Though both Shelli and Lexxy enjoy such outdoor activties as camping and hiking, she's not as much of a sports nut as one of her fellow DigiDestined. She also likes to draw on ocasions. Shelli is very much like her character in some ways, and very different from her in others. 'Lexxy' as Shelli named her character was the first known FDD to be on the internet, yet she doesn't have a site just to do with her character. She was the first FDD to appear on the net, and is most likely the most popular of them all. Though Lexxy may look or sound like a bit of a rough-n-tough-tomboy with her inquenshible thirst for the thrill of adventure, she also the sensible one of the group. She's very gentle and a soft spoken girl who cares deeply for her friend and is always willing to listen to their problems. It seems to fit perfectly that she should have The Crest of Compassion.



Lexxy's Digmon Partner is the some what self absorbed blue Dragon Digimon, Cunomon. He's a bit too high and noble on his being the first fictional Dragon Digimon but don't let your first impressions fool you. Cunomon is a loveable Digmon, and a true friend.

Digimon Forms:

Baby/Fresh: Leetomon

In-Training: Eekamon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Cunomon

-----Attack: Rolling Spines

Champion: Sartomon

-----Attack: Star Shooter

Ultimate: DracoSartomon

-----Attack: Blade of The Dragon, Ice Wing

Mega: Unknown

-----Attack: Unknown

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