Kristina Hunter

Kristina Hunter

Crest of Protection

For a 15 year old girl, Kristina is well organized and tends to like taking charge of a situation if it's not. Though sometimes by accident, she can become too bossy and ends up annoying people. She's pretty over-protectice of her Digimon Partner Jaymon because she doesn't think Jaymon is fully aware of what's going on. It seems to work out well that Kristina's over protectective because she's got The Crest of Protection.


The Slightly Ditzy Jaymon!

Kristina's Digimon Partner is the attention grabber yellow and pink Bird Digimon Jaymon. She's somewhat of a ditzy digimon, but not all the time.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Topamon

In-Training: Autumon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Jaymon

-----Attack: Tanoblo

Champion: Skylamon

-----Attack: Sword Twister

Ultimate: Saromon

-----Attack: Protection Shield, Feather Sword

Mega: Unknown

-----Attack: Unknown