Jennifer Morton

Jennifer Morton

Crest of Loyalty
As all the other DigiDestined Leaders before, Jennifer wears the trademark goggles that were mysteriously sent to her along with her DigiVice. Along with the goggles come the well known emotions of a leader. A need to be independent, a strong feeling of loyalty towards her friends, and of course, the recklessness of being a smart @$$. For the first time ever, the oldest DigiDestined is the leader of the group, though some of the time Jennifer acts about as mature as if she was the youngest. Another fact that differs Jennifer from the previous Leaders of DigiDestineds is that at first, she didn't want to be the leader. But after the fight with Kwagamon she realized that it was her job to lead the others and took her place as right full leader. The real Jennifer made her debut working at a Matt Shrine and soon got her fan fic hosted in many different places. As her fan fiction story entitled, 'The Jennifer and Foximon Saga' rose to fame throughout the FDD (Fictional Digimon and Destined) supporting group over the net so did she. She soon opened a site of her own and became one of the most popular FDD's known on the net. It's been said before that Jennifer is best described as 'The Female Version of Matt'. She seems, calm, cool and somewhat cocky on the outside but on the inside she is an outcast, very insecure, distant and generally confused. Despite her emotions she tries her hardest to remain the exemplory leader, to be loyal to her team. Hence the fact she has the crest of Loyalty. Everyone knows that loyalty is one of the most important features in a leader and is a virtue for which we should all strive.



Jennifer's Digimon Partner is Foximon, an orangish brown fox like Digimon. Who is rumoured to be the first ever FDD Fox Digimon. She's very happy and protective of Jennifer.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Bobamon

In-Training: Junumon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Foximon

-----Attack: Hurricane Blaster

Champion: Glorymon

-----Rageing Cyclone

Ultimate: PolarGlorymon

-----Attack: Polar Ice Storm, Northern Lights

Mega: Unknown

-----Attack: Unknown