Jeanine 'Erica' Kaseni

Jeanine/Erica Kanseni

Crest of Beauty

At the age of 16, she's one of the older DigiDestined. Both Jeanine and her FDD character Erica are very much sport fans. She's full force for Girl Power, and absolutely hates it when boys think or say they're better than girls. She's very touchy on the subject, so if a guy trashes her she'll challenge him to a battle in which only the fittest will win. She's got The Crest of Beauty, which fits her well.



Erica's Digimon Partner is Cheekomon, a mammal/cheeta Digimon.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Dumamon

In-Training: Cheemon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Cheekomon

-----Attack: Fighting Rage

Champion: Cheertormon

-----Attack: Fierce Claw, Thunder Beam

Ultimate: WareCheetormon

-----Attack: Speed Demon, Speed Cyclone

Mega: Cheetahmon

-----Attack: Sun's Burning Claw, Burning Fire, Speed Storm