Emily McGorman

Emily McGorman

Crest of Commitment

In Emily's fan fiction story, her character joins the 01 Season Digimon DigiDestined at the most uncommon spot. After the defeat of Apoclyamon, but contrary to the real story, there is a new evil to fight. You can tell just by this that the real Emily is creative. She's rising quickly in FDD fame, and so is her fan art. Emily (The Character) is a bit moody sometimes, she's loud and out going. The real Emily is deeply in love with her boyfriend named Peter, and Her Character is very dedicated to her Digimon Partner and her team. It works well that she has The Crest of Commitment.



Emily's Digimon Partner is a three-tailed fox Digimon who works well most of the time with Emily.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Teirmon

In-Training: Kintermon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Huntermon

-----Attack: Lightning Punch

Champion: Agurimon

-----Attack: Electric tail spin

Ultimate: MidnightAgurimon

-----Attack: Unknown

Mega: Unknown

-----Attack: Unknown

Contact: emily@mcgorman1.freeserve.co.uk