Dani Giesy

Dani Giesy

Crest of Melody

At only the age of 13, Dani is very wise for her age. (Well most of the time) Both the real Dani, and the FDD character whom she named after herself are quite a like. They both have diabetes, which sometimes gets in the way of being a member of The new DigiDestined. They're both also very musically talented. She plays the flute in her school band and the piano just for pleasure. They're also both fairly optimistic. Though Dani might seem like a extemely calm, laid-back person don't let that fool you. She can be very uptight and most of the time, accidently takes it out on Lexxy. She's a bit of a rebel, but also has a sensitive side too. Because Dani is musically inclined and tries to be peaceful it works out well she has The Crest of Melody.



Dani's Digimon Partner is the male, mammal, panda-like Digimon, Pandamon who's a generally happy and brave Digimon.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Pandemon

In-training: Bamboomon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Pandamon

-----Attack: Spiral Kick

Champion: Kombatmon

-----Attack: Matrix Blade

Ultimate: MetalKombatmon

-----Attack: Blade Kick, Heart of Sord

Mega: Unknown

-----Attack: Unknown

Contact: dani.gurl@verizon.net