Got questions about Digimon FDD? Here's a list of our most asked questions, along with the answers to those questions. If you have a question, pelase check here before contacting us. Chances are you'll find your answer here and if not, then you can drop us an Em@il


Q: What does FDD stand for?

FDD is a name for fan created Digimon and Digidestiend teams, which was coined by our very own, Skye Galbraith, some years back. It stands for Fictional Digimon and Digidestined.

Q. Where did you come up with the idea for Digimon FDD?

The idea just came to me some time ago, and like most ideas that just pop into my head, I logged it away for future use. Meanwhile, I watched as my friends started writing their own series, Lexxy with her “Digimon Dragons” and Skye with her “Digimon 03: the fanfic”... then one Summer day, in 2001, I was finally inspired to put the idea to use.

Q Which one of you guys came up with the idea?

It was Jennifer Carnivele. (The one with the goggles ^_~)

Q. How do I contact the cast?

You can find our contact info on our character bios, however, there is no guarantee that they will still be active.

Q. Can I be in Digimon FDD?

Since the series ended in 2006, that would not be possible.

Q. How did you choose the FDD team?

For the most part, it was left up to chance. I sent mass email to everyone in my contact list at the time and limited to a certain number, in a first come, first serve manner. Only three of the OCs were hand picked, as a profound thank you, for including me in their series or fanfiction

Q: I wanted to write an FDD story of my own and was wondering if I can use your characters?

I can’t speak for my fellow cast members, you’ll have to ask them directly, but I have no problem with you using Jennifer and Foximon.

Q: Will any of the Digimon reach their mega forms, and if so who will they be?

Yes, two Digimon will eventually reach mega. The only way to find out, is to read the fic.
Lets just say it’s not who your probably thinking of.

Q: Any plans for a Digimon FDD 02?

Nope. Digimon FDD is meant to be it’s own season, much like Tamers and Frontier.

Q: What happened to the Digimon FDD Movie?

Due to lack of contact with the cast, lack of interest and verious real life obstacles, we were unable to get it off the ground.

Q: Will there ever be a Digimon FDD Movie?

As it stands, it doesn't seem likley. However, you never know what the future might bring.

Q: Do the Digimon have armor forms, if so will they be in Digimon FDD?

Yes, most of the Digimon here have armors, but not in this fic. All the Digivolving is set by season one rules. In-training, rookie, champion, ultimate and mega.

Q: I'm so glad Digimon FDD is back! But I noticed some things are missing. Why?

Sadly, while in the process of restoring Digimon FDD, JAFDH, and SODA the disks in which I had all the files stored went corrupt and I lost quite a bit. If you happen to know where I can find copies of these lost files, please drop me an email? I would really appreciate it.

Q: I've tried contacting the FDD cast members, artists, writers and others involved with Digimon FDD, but most of the emails don't work?

Much of the contact info here, is no longer active and I have no idea how to get in contact with most of them these days, as we have lost touch over the years.

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